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Xinyi Glass and Xinyi Solar Hold 2014 Year-end Summary and Awards Ceremony

2015-01-29 10:53:24

On the afternoon of January 29, 2015, Xinyi Glass and Xinyi Solar jointly held 2014 Year-end Summary and Awards Ceremony in the small hall on the third floor of the Staff Clubhouse on the Xinyi Glass campus in the Dongguan Humen Industrial Park. The Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Wuhu, Tianjin, Yingkou and Deyang industrial parks participated in the meeting through video-conferencing. Mr. Yin Yee Lee, Chairman of the Group, together with his wife, attended the meeting, and Vice Chairman Chingbor Tung, CEO of the Group Gerry Tung, CEO of Xinyi Solar Wesley Lee and officers in charge of various divisions each made a summary report. Present at the meeting were also assistant level managers or above, outstanding officers and employees from Xinyi industrial parks. 

At the meeting, officers in charge of respective divisions of Xinyi Glass and Xinyi Solar summarized their achievements as well as problems under their supervision in 2014, and planned priorities and the improvements to be made for 2015. 

Gerry Tung, CEO of Xinyi Glass, made a thorough and comprehensive report entitled "Summary of the Work in 2014 and Priorities for 2015". The year 2014 was an important year when Xinyi continued to grow and developed strategies despite of adverse economic climate, said the report. Thanks to the hard work of all staff at Xinyi Glass, achievements had been made, bidding for several major projects had been successful, and the deployment and exploration of offshore businesses and new energies had made progress. These were the highlights for Xinyi Glass, and helped lay a solid foundation for increasing its financial strength and brand influence. In his report, Mr. Dong recognized the achievements made by various divisions and provided candid comments on the problems and weaknesses, followed by in-depth analysis. He laid down a number of requirements for each of the divisions for 2015, asking them to take strict control over quality, reduce cost, increase efficiency, reinforce the production safety, create a mechanism to issue security alerts and improve production process and management. In addition, he required the divisions to improve the marketing capabilities of the staff, expand sales networks and adopt lean management to bring the core brands to the next level and achieve the Group's strategy of being bigger and stronger. 

Wesley Lee, CEO of Xinyi Solar, looked back at the work done by the photovoltaic division in 2014 and identified priorities for 2015. Over the year since it went public at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Xinyi Solar had made remarkable progress in production and sales. Outstanding achievements had been made in the construction of photovoltaic power plants, as the ongoing building of photovoltaic power plants across the country continued to back up its strategic deployment in new energy. In 2015, photovoltaic glass products and power plants should be integrated, with focus on technological innovation and product quality, increasing lean and automated production, reducing production costs, improving production safety, providing staff training, achieving effective management of production, sales and team building, and making efforts to explore the construction of family distributed power plants, said Wesley Lee, CEO. Experience should be drawn from to improve the combination of photovoltaic power plants and smart greenhouse vegetable cultivation.

After the summary reports, the Group Chairman Yin Yee Lee expressed his warm regards to the staff. Following the meeting, CEO of the Group Gerry Tung, Vice Chairman of the Group Lee Shing Kan and CEO of Xinyi Solar announced the 2014 Awards. Against the backdrop of the joyous music, the leadership of the Group presented awards to the employees who had made outstanding contributions in the growth of Xinyi Glass over the 26 years. Awards were also presented to the divisions and managements that did an excellent job in 2014. By rewarding employees for their contributions, the Group hoped to motivate more people to work hard and strive for excellence in their future work.