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  • AR Photovoltaic Glass

    This product can reduce reflectance on the glass surface and promote transmittance.

  • Back Glass

    Back glass is mainly used in thin-film solar moudule and double glass silicon module. Mostly using common float glass as the substrate, it will be subject to edging, holing and tempering to meet the needs of solar moudules.

  • Ultraclear Patterned Glass

    This product has high solar transmittance, low absorption, low reflectance and low ferrous content for better power conversion.

  • Double Glass Modules

    The Double Glass Silicon Module uses the 2.5mm AR Coating semi-tempered solar pattern glass as the sheet glass, the thinner the glass is, the higher the transmittance is, theoretically, it can promote the output power of the module.

  • PV Power Station

    Solar farm is the power station that converts solar radiation to electricity through assembled solar modules.

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