Corporate Profile

            XINYI SOLAR is a leading global solar glass manufacturer. The company has been listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since December 2013 (Stock Code:  00968). Xinyi Solar’s strengths are in the R&D, manufacturing automation, process optimization, technical sales support and after-sales services of solar glass products. As part of corporate strategic business expansion, Xinyi Solar has made substantial investments in solar farm project development. These investments include system engineering design, construction, operation and monitoring of large-scale utility solar projects.

            Xinyi Solar has multiple solar glass production lines in three manufacturing bases. Two of such production bases are located in Wuhu Anhui, and Tianjin, China, with another one located in Melaka, Malaysia. The aggregate daily production capacity of these manufacturing facilities amounts to7,800 tons, capable of meeting over 30% of global demand for solar glass products for PV module production.  Major solar glass products manufactured at these sites include fully finished tempered anti-reflective coated pattern solar glass, and back glass. 

            On the basis of consolidating upstream production of PV glass, Xinyi Solar continually develop downstream photovoltaic power plant. To gain the profit from investment of power station, Xinyi explore a new ecological agriculture mode “generating electricity above, breeding and planting under”, and by terminal advantage, Xinyi pull whole industrial chain including raw material of PV Glass, Ultra clear Patterned Solar Semi-tempered Coating Glass have a quick development.

            At the same time, Xinyi Solar is also the largest applicators of G-G module, and promote competitiveness of solar industrial and energy efficiency. By integrating and optimizing the PV Industrial resources, XINYI SOLAR is committed to improving the competitiveness and energy efficiency of the solar industry and creating a sustainable PV industry.

            By the end of  2018, Xinyi Solar has invested in more than 2.5GW of ground mounted PV power stations, with annual electricity generation of more than 2.8 billion kwh.  On a yearly basis, this eliminates the burning of 1,140,000 tons of coal, the reduction of 768,000 tons of carbon dust emission, the reduction of 2.8 million tons CO2 emission, and the reduction of 84,000 tons of SO2 emission.