Xinyi Solar Again Earns Accolades in Authoritative US Magazine – Institutional Investor's 2021 Ranking

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Garners "Most Honored Company"Award Again and Ranks First in"Best CEO", "BestCFO", "Best IR Program", "Best IR Professional" and"Best ESG" five categories

(Hong Kong, 30 June 2021) –Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited ("Xinyi Solar" or the "Group"; stock code: 00968), the largest solar glassmanufacturer in the world, is pleased to announce that it has again been selectedas the "Most Honored Company" in the "2021 All-Asia Executive Team HonoredCompanies Survey" organised by InstitutionalInvestor, an authoritative magazine published in the US. Besides, the Groupranked first in five categories including "Best CEO", "Best CFO","Best IR Program, "Best IR Professional" and "Best ESG",testimony by investors of its excellence in corporate governance and investorrelations.


Management Team Member


Company Awards

Most Honored Company

Best IR Program (Industrials)

First Place

Best ESG (Industrials)

First Place

Individual Awards

Best CEO (Industrials)

Mr. LEE Yau Ching

First Place

Best CFO (Industrials)

Mr. CHU Charn Fai

First Place

Best IR Professional (Industrials)

Ms. Canace XIE

First Place

Dr LEE Yin Yee, B.B.S., Chairman of Xinyi Solar, said, "Weare gratified to see the Group's top rank in all corporate and individual awardcategories this year. This not only reflects the strong support from capital markets,but also demonstrates the widespread recognition of our efforts in investorrelations, corporate operations and governance over the years. We have been utilisingvarious channels to communicate with our shareholders in responding to theCOVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, we believe that with the rising global vaccinationrates, we can soon once again have physical contact with shareholders. Lookingahead, we will continue to adhere to best corporate governance practices andmaintain good communications with stakeholders so as to reward investors' supportwith better performance."

"It is worthmentioning that, in the area of ESG, we are highly encouraged by garneringfirst place in the "Best ESG" award for the first time this year.Xinyi Solar has also been included in the 'Hang Seng ESG 50 Index' and meriteda Grade A in the MSCI ESG rating last year, demonstrating the market'srecognition of the Group's ESG performance. At present, governments around theworld are emphasising the importance of the green economy. As a leading companyin the photovoltaic industry, we will spare no effort and continue to adhere tothe core corporate values of 'Trust, Integrity, Passion and People' and thebusiness concept of 'Green and Sustainable Development', in order to fulfil ourcorporate mission of 'Leading Green New Energy'", Dr Lee added.

InstitutionalInvestors is one of the most influential publications for global investmentfirms. The "2021 All-Asia Executive TeamRanking" compiled by the magazine aims to acknowledge companies andbusiness leaders for steadfastly upholding corporate governance principles andfulfilling environmental and social responsibilities while maintaining hightransparency in investor relations. The Ranking is one of the mostauthoritative and iconic lists in capital markets. The winners were selected bypolling over 3,500 buy-side fund managers and researchers, as well as nearly600 sell-side analysts from nearly 1,300 financial institutions.

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About Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited (stock code: 00968)

Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited is engaged in theproduction and sales of solar glass products, including ultra-clear patternedsolar glass (raw glass and tempered glass), AR coating solar glass and backglass. Xinyi Solar has production complexes in China (Wuhu, Tianjin and Beihai)and Malaysia. In addition, the Group has invested in solar farm projects acrossdifferent locations in China, including Anhui, Hubei, Guangxi, Tianjin,Guangdong, Henan and Hebei, etc. The Group is a constituent of the MSCI AllCountry World Index, MSCI China Index, Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng Composite Index, Hang Seng StockConnect Hong Kong Index, Hang Seng ESG 50 Index and Hang Seng CorporateSustainability Benchmark Index. Its single largest shareholder is Xinyi GlassHoldings Limited (stock code: 00868), which holds 22.85% of the Group's sharesin issue.

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