Xinyi Solar Wins in India’s Anti-dumping Investigation

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On Jan.17th, 2019, India’s Directorate Generalof Trade Remedies (DGTR) issued the final findings in its anti-dumping investigationon imports of textured tempered coated and uncoated glass from Malaysia, andrecommended an anti-dumping duty of $US114.58/MT for a period of fiveyears on imports of solar glass from the Southeast Asian nation.Meanwhile, the DGTR did not find Xinyi Solar (Malaysia) to be dumping as perthe anti-dumping rules, therefore their exports to India are not liable for ananti-dumping measure.

India’s Directorate General Of Anti-Dumping AndAllied Duties (DGAD) initiated an anti-dumping investigation intoimports of solar glass from Malaysia in February 2018, following the petitionfrom Gujarat Borosil Limited, the sole producer of solar glass in India. The DGTRthen asked the known Malaysian glass producers Xinyi Solar (Malaysia) andGar Lightglass to file responses to a questionnaire, but only Xinyi Solar(Malaysia) filed its response. It was found that Xinyi Solar, which accountedfor the majority of imports, was not dumping solar glass into India andtherefore it is exempt from the anti-dumping duty, while all other Malaysian exporterswill be affected by new enforcement.

The imported Malaysian solar glass under investigation must have a minimumtransmission of 90.5% and a thickness of less than or equal to 4.2mm (includinga tolerance of 0.2mm), with at least one dimension exceeding 1500mm. Such glassis often used in the assembly of solar modules.

A representative from Gujarat Borosil previously claimed that India hasenough tempered solar glass capacity to cater for its own PV manufacturers.

India’s Ministry of Finance imposed tariffs on imported temperedglass from China in the range of US$52.85/MT to US$136.21/MT in August 2017.

InJune 2016, India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry lodged an anti-dumpinginvestigation concerning imported solar glass from China, and Xinyi Photovoltaic Industry (Anhui) Holdings Co., Ltd. responded in time and ultimately gotminimum tariff rate. Xinyi Solar (Malaysia) demurred promptly against the latest round of anti-dumpinginvestigation from India this time and refuted Indian petitioner’s falseallegation with detailed evidence, therefore became the only enterprise exemptfrom the anti-dumping duty.