since 2013

Corporate Profile

Xinyi Sloar Holdings Limited

XINYISOLAR is a leading global solar glass manufacturer. Xinyi Solar’sstrengths are in the R&D, manufacturing automation, process optimization,technical sales support and after-sales services of solar glass products. Aspart of corporate strategic business expansion, Xinyi Solar has madesubstantial investments in solar farm project development. These investmentsinclude system engineering design, construction, operation and monitoringof large-scale utility solar projects.The company has been listed on themain board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since December 2013 (StockCode:  00968). Xinyi Energy was spun off group company Xinyi Sloar in may28 2019,which runned and managed 1724MW ground mounted PV powerstations buyed from Xinyi Sloar.

Xinyi Solar is committed to PV glass production andPV plants construction. In 2013, Xinyi Solar was spun off from Xinyi Glass andlisted in Hong Kong.

After more than ten years of development, XinyiSolar has become the world's largest PV glass manufacturer. Major productsinclude ultra-clear solar patterned glass (raw or tempered), coated solarglass, back glass, etc.

TheGroup is committed to serving as “high-efficiency photovoltaic module guard”,seamlessly combining the ever-changing solar cell technology, providingdifferent product solutions and fully supporting module manufacturers toeffectively improve solar energy conversion efficiency, so that end users canrest assured with their energy usage and together break through the last mileto achieve grid parity. Green energy thus becomes popularised in everyhousehold and the environment will be protected with sustainability beingachieved.

Atthe same time, Xinyi Solar is also the largest applicators of G-G module,and promote competitiveness of solar industrial and energy efficiency. Byintegrating and optimizing the PV Industrial resources, XINYI SOLAR iscommitted to improving the competitiveness and energy efficiency of thesolar industry and creating a sustainable PV industry.

By December 2021, Xinyi has a total capacity of5.4GW of PV plants, which can generate 5.9 billion KW.h per year. This isequivalent to 1.8 million tons of coal and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by4.94 million tons.