Solar Farms

  • Approved Grid-Connected Capacity (Including Utility-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar Farms of 4,576MW)

  • Annual Residential Power Consumption

  • Standard Coal Saving

  • Annual Power Generation

  • CO₂ Emission Reduction

Advantages of Xinyi

  • The total approved installe capacity of solar power farms is 4.88GW, including different types of mountain, floating, farm-to-solar complementary and fishery-to-solar complementary. It has rich experience and can meet various needs.
  • Through Hong Kong bank loan financing, the financing advantages of the Hong Kong listed platform are fully utilized, and the financing cost is low.
  • Nearly 90% of the projects use double-glass modules, with high power generation efficiency and low attenuation rate. XYS has its own construction team, which is responsible for project design and construction, to reduce total costs.
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